Breeze Gel Safety

Airbrush Safety FAQ

Do I need some type of protective stuff to start airbrushing?

Yes! you need to respiratory protection, eye protection, hand protection and skin protection

What do you mean by respiratory protection?

A respirator is a device that helps you breath safely in hazardous environments. Respirators are rated R, N, and P. For airbrush nails, you need a respirator rated R95 or higher, designed for protection from “nuisance level” odors and vapors, it can be disposable or reusable. A P95 Respirator is ideal.

Uhhh, so which respirator should I get?

I like this one from 3M. Its a P95, with a carbon layer and disposable. you can get them at Home Depot and Michael’s.. and use a coupon! You can use any respirator that protects against odors and vapors, R95, R100, P95 and P100. Be careful, dont accidently choose a “particle” or “particulate” respirator. Medical masks, dust masks and N95 masks are particulate masks, they don’t filter vapors, so they wont work.

What about eye protection?

Hand protection?

What about skin protection?

Does Breeze Gel need to be diluted?

How do I clean Breeze Gel from my airbrush?

Can I use stencils with breeze gel?

What kind of light do I need to cure Breeze Gel?